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Hey, friends and family – greetings! It’s my birthday today, but YOU get the present! The kindle edition of my novel Simon’s Song: A Tale of Adventure and Friendship is yours, ABSOLUTELY FREE, on Amazon through Friday, February 3!

This book could easily be classified as a young adult novel, so if you know any teens who like to read, please pass along this free book. Also, it addresses abuse by a parent on a child (I promise this is not too graphic), so if you’re acquainted with anyone whom you suspect might be a victim or someone who suffered abuse in the past….I think this story has an invaluable message of hope in God’s redeeming love!

The story, while addressing this serious subject matter, is NOT heavy or depressing; instead, it’s an exciting adventure with endearing characters–characters who are guaranteed to make you laugh!

So please, take advantage of this birthday present to YOU and enjoy! My only request: Please submit a review to Amazon when you finish.

Once again….Simon’s Song (by me, Carolyn Williford – the kindle version) is available today through Friday, February 3, on Amazon books. FOR FREE!

I hope you enjoy this story and these characters as much as I did. If so…you will forever grin when you spot a raccoon or a goofy black Lab!!

Posted in Carolyn's Blob on January 30, 2017.

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  1. Frances Herring says:

    Thanks! Sending this to my granddaughter & my daughter in law who is an aspiring Christian writer and would be encouraged & inspired by your blog. Blessings friend!

  2. Frances Herring says:

    Thanks! I am forwarding your blog to my granddaughter & my daughter in law,who is an aspiring Christian author & would be inspired & encountered by your blog!(Mark’s wife Kristine)

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