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Madelaine Takes the Town by Storm

That was her full registered name, and she’d earned it. Born in Craig, Colorado (why didn’t I realize that was an omen for how ornery she’d be?), we drove through a snowstorm out I-70 to go pick her up, spent the night, and drove back home through another snowstorm. Next challenge: Ever tried to train a puppy in two feet of snow?

Maddy lived life to the fullest, and we marveled at…
*how powerful she was; I always thought of a lion when watching her run flat-out across the backyard, her muscles rippling
*her ADHD – I would’ve put her on ritalin if available for dogs
*that strong will – she was the first dog I needed help to train, attending “Doggie Boot Camp” for a full 2 weeks
*her sheer strength – we always joked she climbed a mountain with us twice because she’d run ahead….and then run back to us…run ahead…
*what a natural athlete she was – loved watching her swim and when hiking, conquer any obstacles in her path-boulders, downed trees, mud puddles, slippery bridges over rushing streams

Maddy made us laugh, constantly.
She was a Daddy’s Girl, always at Craig’s heels.
When she wanted out (or in), her loud bark sounded like NOW.
She was a great Hooverer, paper retriever, leash walker, spilled-on-the-floor mess cleaner upper, traveler in the car.
She loved belly rubs and ear scratching.
She’d scarf any kind of food – and anything in the backyard that slightly resembled food.
She had – as another described her – a Big Personality.

When Maddy was diagnosed with Cushings disease, I was so sure we had a year or two with her still. I wasn’t prepared for this…but I probably never would’ve been ready to let her go.

And we loved her. Faults and all. Despite the challenges.
We just…loved her.
Good bye, my sweet girl.
Oh how I miss you.

Posted in Carolyn's Blob on February 13, 2018.

10 Responses

  1. Libby says:

    Beautiful dog Carolyn. So sorry she is gone. Remember the fun, sweet times.

  2. Aunt Sharon says:

    Her Texas family loved her too. Not a day goes by that I am not thinking of a memory I have of her. She will be so missed!

  3. Gina Berquist says:

    Beautiful tribute Carolyn…..
    Maddy was one of a kind…

  4. Deb Hamilton says:

    So sorry, my friend. She looks so sweet, and I can tell she was so well-loved. They can really touch our lives and add such fun to our days. I wish I could have romped with her…..

    • Carolyn says:

      Thanks, Deb. I still look or listen for her, so often. Was outside shoveling snow & realized how much I missed her antics when doing that in the past. It’s very clear to me: we are a dog family! We will get a puppy at some point when the timing’s right!

  5. Mesu says:

    So sorry to hear this sad news, sweet friend. Hurting with you and praying for the Lord to fill that empty spot in all the little ways you miss her throughout your day. Hugs to you and Craig both!

    • Carolyn says:

      I know you understand, Mesu – and you also relate to how much time a new puppy takes. I’m counting on you to pray us thru that stage also!!

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